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Jack’s Radio Mission

12 November 2011

‘Jacks Radio Mission’ written by Sarah Boland and illustrated here at Wallop, is finally complete! The original project (see here for my earlier blog post about the project) which started almost an entire year ago was the result of an idea by Sarah Boland to create a series of fun books for children going through traumatic cancer therapy treatments.

Today then is a bitter sweet day – the first preview copy of  ‘Jacks Radio Mission’, her first story covering radiotherapy, arrived in the post from the printers this morning. Apart from a little fine tuning, it’s looking rather wonderful, meaning that the project is reaching completion. It’s almost ready to be sent out into the big wide world!

The bitter part of the deal is that I’m writing this just a couple of weeks after Sarah lost her own battle and passed away.

So I declare today a big fat ‘yay’ day.  She did it! I really hope she knows it. I reckon she does, there’s a particularly oddly behaving sun beam outside my window…   ;-)

We were helped along the way by staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital whose advise was invaluable and we planned to get the book complete and into the hands of the children entering units such as those at The Marsden by the end of this year and then made available via other cancer aid organizations as well as directly available for purchase through Amazon and the like, as soon as possible thereafter. Any profits will be going straight to  leukaemia & lymphoma research.

I shall blog again when I have links to share :-)

In the meantime if you would like more information about how you can help The Royal Marsden, through donations, charitable events or even just giving your time and volunteering, click here.