Racing Cars is just Rubbish…

10 February 2011

Following on from creating a ‘rubbish’ scene from Peter Pan, I’d barely peeled the PVA glue from my finger tips before I was back to sorting through rubbish for a new commission – another piece of Nursery Art, this time a McLaren Race Car for a little Formula 1 fan.

This piece is another larger format picture measuring a metre across and as with all Rubbish Pictures, is created entirely out of recycled domestic materials.

This is my first attempt at a ‘real life’ mechanical and comparable object. Anyone familiar with this blog will know that I usually create animals and characters that are pretty much made up as I go along so I approached this piece with trepidation at trying to replicate a recognizable car was quite a challenge, whilst also trying to maintain my own style, and the obvious restriction of only using ‘rubbish’!

To commission your own picture, do check out ‘Rubbish Pictures’ and get in touch :-)

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