Jane Austen's House Museum Events Brochure

I was very happy to be commissioned to create an Events Brochure for the beautiful Jane Austen's House Museum this year. 2017 is a particularly significant year for fans of Jane Austen as it is the 200th anniversary of her death. Additional lottery funding and a team of fantastic motivated people have ensured a huge programme of events surrounding all of the significant locations that Jane lived and wrote in during her life and her house in Chawton, Hampshire has been particularly busy.

The project was a printed brochure to reflect the style and quality of the brand, make use of recently discovered patterns and textiles from the house itself and obviously to portray a wealth of information succinctly and effectively. The huge success of the museum and the vast numbers of visitors it welcomed over the summer suggests the project, amongst all the others ongoing during the anniversary year, was a success and was something I was very proud to have been a part of.


WelcomeFest Graphics

I've been very happy to be asked for the last few years to create the invite and info graphics for Alton College's excellent annual 'Welcomefest' event, held each summer to welcome new students into the college community and give them a sample of what life will hold for them when they arrive for their new term.

This year was no different, with the excitement starting early, and email and print invites being produced prior to the big day, followed by an 8 page, 4 colour brochure packed full with information and exciting news for the day itself. It is always a pleasure to work with the college and I'm looking forward to many more projects with them in the future.