Changing the view (at the Tate)

Just recently I had the chance to visit the new wing at the Tate Modern on the South Bank, London. Now the Tate has been one of my favourite places to pop into whenever I am in London, particularly with my children, as its such an utterly brilliant space to be. The light is special. The noises are special. Everything about it feels huge and exciting and....special. The art, whether you enjoy it or not, is ever changing and always interesting. Knowing that an enormous pyramid of newness to explore had been added to such a cool building, it has to be said, was like a gift. 

Interestingly though - if you google the most recent addition to the site, The Switch House - what you currently tend you come up with are the ongoing community issues the venue has caused rather than news on the art it contains. (The neighbours at the very expensive apartment buildings around are not happy with the tourists on the rooftop viewing platforms peering into their windows) and it was this thought, after a wonderful lunchtime spent pondering on London's skyline (as well, I must admit, to admiring the corner sofa on the flat opposite) that made me consider how the views could be altered. At least in my snaps...

Some iPad doodling followed, and a quick little play on photoshop offered an alternative view for my favourite new indoor space by joining it to some of my favourite outdoor spaces...  A nice little project to finish off a nice day out.